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MM40AMP Cable/Wire/Rope Measuring Machine


£515.00 plus VAT

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This machine is designed for medium duty use for cables,rope or hose length measurement. It can measure cable/rope from 5mm up to 40mm in diameter. The machine uses a precision 1/4 metre polyurethane covered measuring wheel which has a spring fitted to keep pressure on the material being measured to stop the meter bouncing thus reducing slippage.

Four plastic v-notch rollers provide guidance for the material as it is passed through the measuring machine. There are four fixing holes, 240mm apart lengthwise and 77mm apart sideways, they will accept an M8 bolt.

Typical uses:-
Cable length measurement
Hose length measurement
Wire length measurement
Rope length measurement
Flexible hose measurement.

Total length 315mm. Width 220mm. Height minimum 143, maximum 248mm.

Not suitable for measuring steel wire rope.

MM40AMP Cable measurer Polyurethane Covered Wheel

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