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Trumeter 2401-11MCC Mechanical Length Measuring Unit (Top Coming)


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Heavy duty measuring unit, single wheel unit which has frame or bulkhead mounting.

This rugged instrument has a wide range of applications where an accurate record of length is required. It is a strong, heavy duty unit for use on calenders, tenters, rolling, ribbon winding textile machinery and almost all other continuous manufacturing processes.

Sturdy die-cast construction.
Uses standard measuring wheels.
Can be tilted out of the way when not in use.
Supplied with stand.
The 2401 unit is slung from a stay rod*. A hinge arrangement on the stay rod allows the uni t to be positioned at any angle.
The 2401 is supplied with a 475mm (17.99in) stay rod and stand.
The weight of the assembly holds it in contact with the material being measured.

Typical Applications:-
Textile length measurement
Extrusion length measurement
Paper length measurement
Plastic length measurement


Shaft Diameter
7mm (0.275in).
Units of Measurement
Packed Dimensions
520mm (20.47in) x 170mm (6.69in) x 130mm (5.12in)
Gross Weights
2.0kg (4.4lb)

Ordering Information
2401 Heavy duty measuring counter with stand, stay rod, counter mounting bracket and measuring wheel.

2401-11MCG 3602 Top Going Counter. (M/Cm.) with ½ Mtr. Wheel, Stand, Stayrod + Bracket
2401-11MCC 3602 Top Coming Counter. (M/Cm.) with ½ Mtr. Wheel, Stand, Stayrod + Bracket

*Stayrod - This may be supplied with a stainless steel version due to shortage of galvanised steel stayrods.

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2401-11MCC Trumeter Measuring machine Top Coming

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