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RC500PSDELEC Powered cable winding machine


£6,250.00 plus VAT


The RC500PSDELECTRIC is a powered coiling machine capable of coiling cable, rope or similar materials onto either 500mm drums or into small coils. It comes with an accurate traversing measuring machine which feeds the material onto the drum, which is rotated by a variable speed drive controlled motor. Simple controls inclueded are a start/stop pushbutton, speed control, forward/reverse switch, emergency stop button and an on/off illuminated switch.

Single phase 230VAC 16A supply is required.

Typical Applications:-
Re-coiling cable
Re-coiling Rope
Coilng Hose

Capacity - 50 Kgs (Manual lifting guideline) on plywood drum
Meter Type - Medium Duty meter - 40mm O.D. Maximum cable/rope/hose.
Layering - Manual via traversing arm
Coiling - Slide on coiling head with fixed diameter
Drum Shaft - Fixed with adapter collars
Load wheel - Nylon Locking fixed
Steer wheel - Nylon swivel castor locking
Stability - Locking castors
Drive system - Variable speed drive controlled motor
Tuition - On site following delivery
Condition - New.
Dimensions - Height 140cm, Width including motor 135cm, Length 157cm.
Warranty - 12 months parts and labour subject to signing a service contract.

RC500PSDELEC Powered cable winding machine

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