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Trumeter 2600-332C Cable, Knurled Aluminium measuring wheel, Wire & Rope Measuring Machine


£935.00 plus VAT

Heavy duty, multi-purpose measuring machine which measures the length of cable, wire, rope, hose, extrusions or continuous strip from 6mm (0.24in) to 76mm (3.0in) diameter.

Measures up to 76mm (3.0in) diameter.
Heavy duty cast structure with integral mounting flanges. Totalising counter fitted.
The pivot arm, also available separately (2620), carries the 500mm circumference precision ground measuring wheel. The shaft that supports the measuring wheel revolves in a double ball race which is mounted in the pivot arm. A choice of polyurethane covered or knurled aluminium measuring wheels is available. The length is indicated on a 3602 counter mounted at the side of the unit.


Cable Diameter Range
6mm (0.24in) to 76mm (2.99in)
Measuring Wheel Circumference
Maximum Speed of Travel
1500 metres/min or 3000 counts/min whichever is lower
Units of Measurement Available
Metres and centimetres
Counters Type
Packed Dimensions
53mm (2.09in) x 33mm (1.30in) x 33mm (1.30in).
Gross Weight
15.0kg (33.0lb)

Ordering Information
2600 Multi-purpose Measuring Machine - please select which 'Type' i.e. Direction you require.

2600-332C for knurled aluminium wheel & mechanical display

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2600-332C Trumeter Cable, Wire & Rope Measuring machine with Knurled Alu. wheel.

SKU: 2600-332C
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