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RC1200 Powered Cable coiling machine.


£16000.00 plus VAT

REEL CAPACITY: 1200mm DIA. ,750mm WIDTH, 1000KG

The RC1200 is a powered coiling machine capable of loading 1200mm diameter drums. Its controls are simple to use, the machine is started by pressing a button located near the measuring machine on the traverse, direction of rotation and speed which is variable is controlled from the control panel. The standard machine comes complete with a colapsable coiling head for reeling coils without a drum.

Typical Applications:-
Re-coiling cable

RC1200 Features:

Manual Hydraulic lift.
Forward and reverse winding with variable speed control.
1.5Kw motor - 230V 16A supply required.
Manual slide traverse.
MM80 Measuring Meter.
Floor locks.
Standard plug in drum shaft included.
Standard plug in Coiling Head included.

Inverter internally isolated for safety.
Emergency stop button.
Dimensions - Height 144cm, Width 175cm, Length 202cm.

Mounted manual hydraulic cutter £2,500
Electronic digital pre-select counter £1,900
Electric powered hydraulic lift £2,400
Variator to increase torque £200000.
Extra drum shafts to suit £400.

RC1200A Cable winding machine

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