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The NTEPC100 Electronic 2 preset Predeterming Counter system is a ready to go, pre-built unit which only requires an additional sensor to give control over most length / counting applications.

An ideal replacement for mechanical countdown preset counters such as the Trumeter 3012 / Trumeter 3016 and Baumer IVO ME230 preset counters. This is also an alternative to the discontinued Trumeter 8781-1 preset counter.

The total length is easily programmed, it will then count down towards zero. When zero is reached a relay will change allowing for machine stop. There is a second relay to give a slow down signal which can be locked at a certain count.


Relay outputs can be re-programmed to be either normaly closed or normaly open if required.

Supplied with a 13A lead with plug.
Sensor requires a 5 pin DIN plug.
2 Preset relays rated at 5A@250VAC
Sensor supply 12VDC 50mA.


These are built to order so delivery will be 5-7 working days.

NTEPC100 Electronic Preset Counter in case with reset

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