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MM80SMP Cable/Wire/Rope Metric Side Entry Measuring Machine with Polyurethane covered wheel


£1183.00 plus VAT


A Side-Entry cable  / Rope / Wire measuring machine Fitted with a polyurethane measuring wheel. This side entry version allows for cable with plugs or sockects already fitted to be be measured. Also any lengths can be measured without having to feed the cable/rope through the machine, as the side drops down to allow the cable/rope to be placed into the machine.

Worldwide delivery available - please contact us with delivery address for prices.

Metric measurement reading 99999.9 metres.

Built of aluminium and stainless steel components, this machine is designed for heavy duty use for cables,rope or hose length measurement. It can measure cable/rope from 5mm up to 80mm in diameter. The cable/rope is fed through the machine, a reset lever allows the user to zero the count. The mechanical counter uses a 1/2 metre knurled aluminium measuring wheel. There are four fixing holes, 350mm apart lengthwise and 150mm apart sideways, they will accept a M10 bolt.

Typical uses:-
Cable length measurement
Hose length measurement
Wire length measurement
Rope length measurement
Flexible hose measurement

Total length 444mm. Width 286.5mm. Height 260mm.

A spring mounted tension kit can be added if required, please contact for details.

Various different diretion types are available apart from the type 'A' version depending on what side the operator stands and which way the travel of aterial is, please contact for further assistance for which type is preferable.

MM80SMP Cable/Rope/Hose Side-Entry Measuring Machine

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