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ENTCM25B Electric cable Coiler/Winder with traverse.


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The ENTCM25B is an electric coiling machine capable of coiling cable, rope or similar materials onto drums or a coiling head. It has manual layering and a mechanical counter so the machine will stop when the required length has been wound and both of the separated start buttons are released.


Speed is variabe from zero to around hand-winding speed and is controlled by two dead-man switches to prevent injury.

Typical Applications:-
Re-coiling cable
Re-coiling Rope
Coilng Hose

Capacity - 25Kgs (Manual lifting guideline) on plywood drum / Plastic Spool
Meter Type - MM25 Mechanical counter
Layering - Manual

Cable/hose/rope size capacity - minimum diameter 1.5mm, maximum cable/hose/rope diameter 25mm.

Drum Shaft - Fixed with adapter cone shaped collars
Load wheels - Four rubber Locking swivel castors
Drive system - 0.75Kw elctric motor
Condition - New.
Dimensions - Height 123cm, Width 60cm, Length when fully extended 205cm.


Coiling - Optional Standard Slide on coiling head with fixed internal diameter of 450mm - outer diameter 600mm - 150 internal width. Other sizes available with different internal dimentions i.e 250mm, 350mm.


DRUM Capacity - MAX diameter 600mm, MAX width 260mm, MAX drum bore 95mm, MINIMUM drum bore 25mm.


Pay-off drum max size - Diameter 100 cm, width 45cm, drum shaft 25mm O.D.

ENTCM25B Electric Cable Coiler with manual traverse

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