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Trumeter 5041-511 Land Measurer – Single Reading Land Distance Measuring Wheel


£280 plus VAT

This large circumference measuring wheel ensures the greatest accuracy over rough terrain. Ideal for farmers who are obliged to measure their land annually, to qualify for and obtain government subsidies. High quality, rugged construction and accuracy of +/- 1%.

Robust solid tyre fitted to spoked wheel.
Metric version.
Heavy duty counting head fitted directly to wheel.
Five figure counting head, 7mm high figures.
Scraper to prevent mud build up on wheel.
Adds forward subtracts in reverse.
Range 0 to 9999.9 m.
12 Month Warranty.
Accuracy ± 1%.

Ordering Information
5041-511 Metres/Decimetres

For telephone orders please call 01453 886440.
or e-mail

30 day accounts available please call us to apply.

5041-511 Trumeter land measuring wheel Metric

SKU : 5041-511
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