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Autonics MP5W-41 Pulse meter


MP5W-41  Pulse Meter, Digital, MP5W Series, 5 Digits, 100 Vac to 240 Vac, Relay Output


£175.00 plus VAT


The MP5W-41 from Autonics is a 5-digit Pulse Meter with 7-segment LED display (zero banking type). It measures and display reciprocal number of measuring time to detect target. Measuring accuracy may be dropped because the measuring time of interval is short, if the target is revolving with high speed. The prescale function always to multiply the number of pulse or pulse length by a variable then display specification of measurement. It will display frequency or RPM from prescale by measuring the input frequency.

  • 13 kinds of various operation modes
  • Various functions
  • Various display units as follows: RPM, RPS, Hz, kHz, Seconds, Minutes, Hours, %, Counts, etc.
  • Selectable voltage input (PNP) or no voltage input (NPN)
  • NPN open collector quintuple output
  • 50 kHZ high speed response
  • DIN W96 x H 48 mm


Automation & Process Control, Test & Measurement

MP5W-41 Autonics Pulse meter

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