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RC250 cable coiling machine.


£1988.80 plus VAT


The RC250 is a mobile pedestal type hand coiling machine suitable for coiling reels of up to 35 Kg in weight. Hand held coil or onto plywood drum.

Typical Applications:-
Re-coiling cable
Re-coiling Rope

Model - RC250 Manual Reeler
Capacity - 35kg (Manual lifting guideline) on plywood drum
Meter type - Medium duty 3-25mm Diameter Cable / Rope/ Hose
Pre select counter (Extra) - N/A
Lift type - N/A
Cutter (Extra) - Extra TBA
Control - Manual
Power supply - N/A
Layering - Manual via traversing arm
Coiling - Slide on coiling head with fixed diameter
Drum shaft - Fixed with adapter collars
Load wheel - Nylon Locking fixed
Stability - Steel base with rubber pads
Drive system - Crank handle manual
Condition - New.


Dimensions ( Fully assembled)

Height 1280mm

Width 1930mm

Depth 800mm

Coiling headouter diameter 700mm

Coiling head internal diameter 375mm

Coiling head internal depth 165mm

Warranty - 12 months parts and labour subject to signing a service contract.

RC250-MM25XRAM Hand cable winder

Artikelnummer: RC250-MM25XRAM
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