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Trumeter HED261-T 8 Digit panel mount counter 24mm X 48mm.


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24 X 48mm 8 digit totalising counter suitable for many OEM applications. Ideal for contact closure and reed switch signal inputs. panel mounted or PCB mounted and with high speed input 10kHz or a slow speed debounced input 30Hz.

These miniature 8 digit totalising counters are suitable for either direct PCB mounting or panel mounting.

Uses the latest CMOS circuitry to achieve very low quiescent current consumption.
8mm black character high contrast LCD display.
Backlit version HED261-T.
Counts pulses up to 10kHz frequency.
External reset input.
UL and cUL/CSA approved.


Supply Voltage
2.7-3.3 VDC
8 digit black LCD, 8mm characters with leading zero blanking
Count Range
Count Input
High speed input (pin3) 10kHz max positive edge triggered, 0.7V threshold 18V max, 50uS min pulse width.
•Contact closure open collector input (pin2). 30Hz max, negative edge triggered, 0.7V threshold 18V max, 15mS min pulse width.
Reset Input
Negative edge triggered, 0.7V threshold, 15mS minimum pulse length, TTL/CMOS Compatible.
Operating Temp -10°C to +50°C
Storage Temp
-20°C to +70°C

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HED261-T Trumeter 8 Digit panel mount counter 24mm X 48mm.

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