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ENTCM25 Electric cable Coiler/Winder with traverse.


£7400.00.00 plus VAT


The ENTCM25 is an electric coiling machine capable of coiling cable, rope or similar materials onto drums. It has automatic layering and a digital preset counter so the machine will stop when the required length has been wound.

Typical Applications:-
Re-coiling cable
Re-coiling Rope
Coilng Hose

Capacity - 25Kgs (Manual lifting guideline) on plywood drum / Plastic Spool
Meter Type - Electronic Preset counter
Layering - Automatic

Cable/hose/rope size capacity - minimum diameter 1.5mm, maximum cable/hose/rope diameter 25mm.

Drum Shaft - Fixed with adapter cone shaped collars
Load wheels - Four rubber Locking swivel castors
Drive system - 0.75Kw elctric motor
Condition - New.
Dimensions - Height 123cm, Width 60cm, Length when fully extended 205cm.


Coiling - Optional Standard Slide on coiling head with fixed internal diameter of 450mm - outer diameter 600mm - 150 internal width. Other sizes available with different internal dimentions i.e 250mm, 350mm.


DRUM Capacity - MAX diameter 600mm, MAX width 260mm, MAX drum bore 95mm, MINIMUM drum bore 25mm.


Pay-off drum max size - Diameter 100 cm, width 45cm, drum shaft 25mm O.D.

ENTCM25 Electric Cable Coiler with traverse

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