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Trumeter APM-MAX-M21-PL-4R PSU 12-24V DC / 50-60Hz AC, positive LCD, with RTU


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APM-MAX-M21-PL-4R Positive LCD, volt, amp, freq or power monitor, RTU

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The APM-MAX is 108mm x 108mm [4.25″ x 4.25″]. A programmable digital panel meter specifically designed for the effective display and monitoring of power, it is configurable to measure voltage, current, watts or frequency.

Trumeter APM MAX Meter

The APM-MAX combines the instant visual representation of an analog meter with the speed and accuracy of a digital meter for instant recognition and precision measurement. A large digital panel meter with a 81.5mm x 66mm display that features a two-line display, programmable scale, alarm set-points and color-changing, full color RGB backlight for instant alerts.



The APM-MAX is available on two main models with a range of features available:

for high voltage applications; configurable as an amp meter, volt meter, frequency meter or for power monitoring (Watts, VA & Power Factor).

Featuring digital and analog outputs, and optional serial MODBUS® RTU and/or ethernet MODBUS® to communicate with other components in a system, IP65 ratings and our industry leading three-year warranty.



The APM-MAX Meter’s unique display features dynamic backlight that can be tailored to alert the user when a critical parameter is out of range as well as flash and/or change color (or intensity). With a full-color RGB display you can programme the backlight to be almost any colour and act as an immediate visual indication of critical parameters, improving performance monitoring as well as safety.

The APM-MAX is easily customized to your requirements via the configuration software. The 60-segment bar graph can be programmed to the scale you require, as well as alert, setpoints and messages on the starburst display. The rate meter has analog and digital outputs and optional MODBUS® connectivity to interface with other systems and is available with either a positive or negative LCD, making it visible in almost any conditions.

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APM-MAX-M21-PL-4R Positive LCD, volt, amp, freq or power monitor, RTU

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