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Trumeter APM-CT-ANO 72 x 72 CT Meter Negative LCD with relay outputs.


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The APM Current Transformer (CT) Meter is a digital panel meter for accurately measuring and monitoring AC currents. When used with an external current transformer, the CT meter measures up to 10,000 amps to an accuracy of 0.5%.


The CT meter can be used for a wide range of applications where AC current management is required, including:


– motor control

– heating control

– industrial power supplies

– energy management


The CT meter is ideal for applications where accuracy and performance monitoring are crucial. The 5A high resolution input provides readings of 0.5% accuracy, for precision measurement and control.



The LCD display combines the best of both traditional-analogue and modern-digital panel meters. The bar-graph scale allows critical parameters to be instantly recognised while the starburst display shows precise readings. This unique display helps increase productivity, improve safety and enhance the look and finish of the final panel unit, PLC or machine.

With its digital and analogue outputs, it provides easy connectivity with to other systems in the process. The backlit LCD screen is high-contrast with a wide viewing angle and is sealed to IP65 , NEMA 12 and NEMA 4. This makes it ideal for environments where visibility can be difficult.

The APM CT meter’s dynamic backlighting, in conjunction with set-points, visually alerts operators when a parameter is out of range. The screen can be set to change colour, flash, change intensity or display custom messages.


Programmable CT Panel Meter

The CT meter comes with 15 pre-installed configuration setups for a wide range of applications. Alternatively, the panel meter can be user-customised to unlock its full potential. As well the programmable scale and annunciators, set points and alerts can all be customised to display critical parameters exactly as they are needed by the user. This is done with the APMs easy-to-use and freely available configurator software.

Panel cut out sixe 68 x 68mm.


Suitable USB cable part No. 022128-01

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APM-CT-ANO Trumeter 72 x 72 CT Meter Negative LCD with relay outputs.

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