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E40H10-50-3-T-24 Rotary Encoder 50PPR


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Autonics E40H10-50-3-T-24 Hollow Shaft Rotary Incremental Encoder

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Overall Diameter Ø40mm with a 10mm hollow shaft.

Diameter ø40mm Hollow shaft incremental rotary encoder E40 Series. Power voltage 12-24VDC range to allow more diverse user applications. Moreover, the series could be ideal solutions for narrow space by minimizing space limit. Small moment of inertia is another feature of the series to optimize user convenience.

Compact size

50 Pulses per revolution

A,B & Z output

10 mm hollow shaft through bore

Voltage supply - 12-24VDC +/- 5%

Low Current consumption

Totem pole output.

Outgoing cable type connection 2 metres.

E40H10-50-3-T-24 Rotary Encoder 50PPR

SKU: E40H10-50-3-T-24
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