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Trumeter APM-M2-ANO 72 x 72 AC Mains Powered Meter Negative LCD with relay outputs.


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The APM Mains Meter is an AC mains-powered panel meter that can be configured to measures amps, volts or frequency.

A flexible and powerful panel meter that doesn’t need an additional power supply,the APM Mains Meter is ideal for end-users and OEM applications requiring an AC powered panel meter. As well as the unique display and programmable functionality, it is user-configurable to measure current, voltage or frequency through the configuration software.


AC Mains Powered Panel Meter

The Mains Meter utilises 100-240VAC mains power. This has been accomplished without compromising the overall size of the unit, which retains its 53mm [2.09”] depth, and makes it an ideal panel meter for applications where space is at a premium.

With two digital open collector outputs and single analogue 4-20mA output, the panel meter can be used in conjunction with other systems making it ideal for a range of applications and OEM developments.


Unique LCD panel Display

The unique LCD display combines the advantages of traditional moving coil meters with the accuracy and features of the leading digital panel meters. The display is available in two versions – either positive or negative. The positive LCD has black digits and a bright background and is readable in bright sunlight with the backlight on or off. The negative LCD has bright digits and a black background. The display offers the highest contrast when used in-doors and digits are only readable when the backlight is on.


User-Programmable Panel Meter

Using the APM software the meter can be configured to your requirements quickly and easily. The Mains Meter APM can be configured to measure:

Volts: auto-detects AC or DC measuring input, capable of measuring up to 600V to an accuracy of 1%.

Amps: measures up to 5A directly, or up to 1,000A in conjunction with a current transformer to an accuracy of 1%.

Frequency: has an input range of 2Hz-400Hz and measures to an accuracy of 0.1%.

The 40-segment bar graph scale can be customised along with the positive and negative and centre zero scales.

The dynamic backlight can be can also be configured to alert the user whenever a critical parameter is out of range and can be set to flash and/or change colour (or intensity) between red, green and white.

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APM-M2-ANO 72 x 72 AC Trumeter Mains Powered Meter Neg. LCD with relay outputs

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