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9351 Printer Unit


£1,326.00 plus VAT

This is a ticket printer which produces paper tickets showing length/pieces along with the date and time and up to 12 characters of user text.

It is a pre-built system, all that is required is an external signal whether it be an encoder or sensor to provide a signal connected via a 5 pin DIN socket on the rear of the unit.

Three preset outputs are provided should external control is required.

A 230VAC mains supply powers the unit, it also provides a 12VDC output for external sensors. 24VDC and 110VAC supply versions available - please contact us for more information.

A Trumeter 9100 Multifunction Controller is used with a impact panel printer allowing for simple tickets to be produced at the touch of the 'PRINT' button. This will print the current value shown on the 9100.

Comes complete with a power cord fitted with a 13A plug.

Dimensions: Height 159mm x Depth 207mm Width 254mm.

Paper width 57.5mm, Printing width 46mm.

Spare ribbon cassettes available.

9351 Printer Unit - Produces a ticket with time , date and the count value on

SKU: 9351
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1-2 weeks