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CCMU25 Manual cable coiling machine, complete with 'lazy susan' turntable, measuring head and coiling head.


£3600.00 plus VAT

The machine is fitted with locking castors so can easily be manouvered around a warehouse and locked in position. The 'lazy susan' turntable is fitted with cones so a variety of different size cable drums can be unwound. The pay-off drum is held in place via a quick-locking collar to allow for fast loading.

The cable is passed through the measuring head and attached to the coiling head and when the desired length has been wound, the coil can be cable-tied up into a neat coil.

Lazy susan cable drum capacity 25Kg - Vertical drum shaft 25mm diameter.
Minimum drum size 4cm bore / drum height 5cm / drum diameter 8 cm.
Maximum drum bore size 14cm / drum height 22cm / drum diameter 32cm.

Measuring machine head capacity -
(Model MM25 Type A) Maximum 25mm diameter. Reading 99999.9 meters. Resetable.

Coiling head capacity -

Internal bore of coil 200mm / coil max width 80mm / max coil diameter 400mm. 25Kg.

CCMU25 Hand Powered Cable coiling machine

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