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Trumeter APM--MICRO-APO Meter, Positive LCD


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The MicroAmp Meter APM is a programmable digital panel meter specifically designed for DC current measurement up to 200uA where high resolution measurement is required.


Digital Micro Meter

The APM Micro Meter has been engineered for applications that require accurate measurement of DC current. It’s input of 0-200uA and accuracy of 0.1% make it the ideal meter for a range of applications including:

– Marine applications
– Material handling applications
– Leisure and industrial applications
– Load Banks
– Power Supplies
– Charging Systems


MicroAMP Meter Features


The APM’s unique LCD display incorporates the instant recognition of traditional analog meters with the precision and accuracy of digital panel meters. It features dynamic backlight that can be tailored to alert the user when a critical parameter is out of range as well as flash and/or change color (or intensity) between red, green and white.

This provides an immediate visual indication of critical paramet